Senior Pastor Naida M. Parson, PhD

Reverend Dr. Naida M. Parson, Senior Pastor of New Antioch Christian Fellowship is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Black Studies from the University of California, Riverside. She has also earned a Master of Arts Degree in African-American Studies with emphasis in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles as well as a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno. In addition to pastoring two church sites, she is the covering shepherd of the Fellowship of Independent Churches and Ministries.

Dr. Parson is active in the community as a motivational speaker, worship instructor, writer and mentor. Her God-given task is to open her heart, her experience, and the Holy Word of God to teach this generation what it is to know, to love, and to serve God.

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Associate Pastor Sonya Cheltenham

Author, teacher, pastor, marriage counselor, mentor and conference speaker, Sonya Cheltenham is fast becoming one of the most sought after speakers of our time. Driven by a heart filled with compassion, she empowers others to reach their full potential in every aspect of life.

Pastor C, as she is fondly known, inspires people to move beyond life's obstacles into the victorious life God has predestined for them. She has served in ministry for over 30 years. She has mentored, spoken and inspired countless men and women throughout the United States, Israel, Turkey and Greece. Sonya Cheltenham has achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work and a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management. She is owner of a consulting firm, which offers services to businesses, corporations and churches interested in start-up to reorganization/revitalization. She is the Chancellor and Founder of Petra Nia Training Institute which is designed to train and equip the next generation of Servant Leaders, versed in God's Word and who are passionately moving strategically forward.

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Associate Regina K. Rhodes

Dr. Regina K. Rhodes was born in Topeka, Kansas and her family traveled extensively with her father who was in the United States Air Force. Dr. Rhodes moved to Las Vegas, Nevada as a teenager where she has remained for the past 40+ years.

She completed her undergraduate studies in Social Work and graduated from Arizona State University in 2000. Dr. Rhodes later finished her Masters of Social Work from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Administration) in 2008. In November 2011 Dr. Rhodes started a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency Diversified Community Services, CDC Family Empowerment Services.

In March 2006 God birthed RK Rhodes, “Transformed for Destiny International Ministries”. She was commissioned to take the word of God outside the borders of the United States, facilitate missions, build wells, technical schools and facilitate medical missions. Dr. Rhodes also hosts annual leadership conferences and revivals in Ghana and Cape Coast Africa and has ministered in Belize.

In 2014 she received her honorary title of Doctor of Ministry from Kingdom Bible College and Seminary for recognition of life experience and many years of ministerial service. Dr. Rhodes' mission in life is to present a life of sanctification, dedication and faithfulness to God.

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Pastor Ericka Severs

Pastor Ericka Severs is a founding member of New Antioch Christian Fellowship where she serves as Assistant Pastor over Worship. She oversees the weekend worship service and all volunteers involved including music, media, sanctuary attendants, safety and the sacraments.

Pastor Kevin Madden

Pastor Kevin Madden is the Assistant Pastor over couples and men's community group ministries. He also serves as a lead preaching/teaching pastor.

Pastor Tara Trass

Pastor Tara Trass, a founding member of New Antioch Christian Fellowship, is the Assistant Pastor over Fine Arts and echurch. She also serves as the Executive Assistant to our Senior Pastor

Pastor Joyce McDonnell

Pastor Joyce McDonnell, is a founding member of New Antioch Christian Fellowship. She supervises Kids Count Children's Ministry

Pastor Tiffany Trass

Pastor Tiffany is the Assistant Pastor over Fellowship and Discipleship. She particularly supervises activities for women, bereavement, and annual fellowship events.

Pastor Gayla Gaines

Pastor Gayla Gaines is the Assistant Pastor over ministry development. She serves as coordinator for ministerial and servant leader training.

Servant Leader Samira Grove

Servant Samira Grove is the Executive  Director of Evangelism. She supervises all outreach ministries including the Food Bank and street evangelism.